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Non-profit organisations

Because our Firm is committed to support non-profit organisations, we are well acquainted with the regulatory framework they are subject to and with the legal issues arising from their operation and their interactions with third parties.

This practice advises foundations, associations, NGOs and charities generally (both public and private) in all relevant areas, so that they are better equipped to meet their goals whilst making an efficient use of available resources.

Advice is delivered by professionals ascribed to each of the Firm’s practice areas, all of who are familiar with the special regulatory framework of non--profit organisations. Specifically, our services cover the following areas:

  • Commercial/Corporate Advice: setting up of non-profit organisations, amendment of their by-laws and structure to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, secretariat, legal supervision of day-to-day operation (contracting and financing), advice on their relations with state and regional regulatory authorities.
  • Tax advice.
  • Employment advice.
  • Administrative advice.
  • Advice on copyright issues.
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