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Core Values

Roca Junyent’s professionals take a global approach to the exercise of the legal profession. They go the extra mile to deliver comprehensive, unmatched legal services with the highest standards of academic and professional excellence. 

A lawyer must be persuaded that his/her role must be infused with the overriding values that define the boundaries of freedom. A lawyer must live each case with passion. His/her work should transcend the mere study and understanding of the raw letter of the law, striving to distil what best serves the interests with which s/he has been entrusted.

Our professionals gradually consolidate and develop their vocation by getting into the very spirit of the law, grasping the motivation behind a norm and working out how to fit it in the legal puzzle.

Our more experienced lawyers take great responsibility and pride in helping junior members of the Firm to build up their professional careers. Growing professionally as a lawyer is a tough, intense process requiring a firm commitment, time and humility: time to learn and understand and humility to learn from and attempt to rectify past mistakes. There is no such thing as a natural-born lawyer. Becoming a lawyer is a process.

Commitment, perseverance, dedication, self-reliance and excellence are just a few of the competencies with which each and every Roca Junyent professional is endowed.

Backed by the Firm’s resources, young lawyers get to know how to work as a team, partaking in the advancements, the challenges, the solutions and the successes of team members. Dialogue and teamwork are an intrinsic part of Roca Junyent lawyers' everyday practice. 

As part of our style of leadership and professional advancement, our professionals are confronted with challenges and missions designed to encourage their initiative, creativity, pro-activity and involvement with their peers, whilst fostering top levels of cooperation and mutual trust to meet specified targets. 

Our lawyers are integrated in the society that they serve and cannot remain isolated from everyday life events. When applying the law they must take into account the social issues that are an intrinsic part of their lives.

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