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Recruitment process

Every year Roca Junyent is joined by a significant intake of new professionals recruited to work across the Firm's wide range of practice areas.

New lawyers come from various national and international universities and other teaching institutions with which Roca Junyent’s HR Department operates several partnership programmes, enabling us to hire the best-qualified professionals. In addition, we hold regular presentations at various employment fairs to make the Firm better known to potential candidates.  

What we seek. The following is a list of the main competencies we expect from candidates:

  1. Technical competencies:

    -   An outstanding academic record achieved during the 
        candidate's university degree.
    -   Completion of a master or postgraduate programme relevant to the 
        practice area the candidate intends to join.
    -   An excellent command of the English language, as evidenced by 
        satisfactory results achieved in one of the internationally recognised
        English competence exams (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, Proficiency).
    -   Also desirable is fluency in other languages, including French, German,
        Italian and Mandarin.
  2. Strategic competencies: Business initiative, professional versatility, and effective management of allocated resources. Candidates should also be business orientated and have the ability to generate turnover for the Firm in the future.
  3. Interpersonal competencies: These are competencies required to successfully act and interact within the Firm, including: communication skills, the ability to manage and generate a team-geared working environment, and the ability to delegate.
  4. Personal effectiveness: This comprises the array of a candidate's habits, behaviours, and attitudes fostering his/her capacity to succeed professionally, including: initiative, creativity, optimism, efficient time, stress and attention management, capacity to learn, self-criticism, resolution, self-control, emotional intelligence and integrity.
  5. Social commitment: Our professionals should be committed to society. As a reflection of important values such as cooperation, integration and solidarity, we specifically value our candidates’ involvement in cultural, social, sporting, and humanitarian projects.


Stages in the recruitment process

Roca Junyent’s recruitment process consists of several stages lasting approximately two months. The point of this extensive and intensive recruitment process is to obtain, as far as possible, a perfect match between the candidate's professional and personal profile and his/her future position within the Firm.  

Formed by partners, associates and HR personnel, Roca Junyent’s Selection Committee is responsible for running and coordinating the entire recruitment process, which consists of the following: 

  1. Review of candidates' CVs and academic records.
  2. "Selection Day" (up to 15 pre-selected candidates per day, only). For a full day, pre-selected candidates receive information about the Firm and take part in various activities: 

    -    Presentation of Roca Junyent
    -    Personal presentation by each candidate 
    -    Candidates work in teams on a legal, financial or current affairs subject
          for subsequent public presentation and discussion 
    -    Foreign language test
    -    Lunch break
    -    Legal knowledge test. Candidates are required to choose and work on
         two cases related to the Firm's various practice areas
    -    Personal interview with members of the HR Department  
  3. Interview with the Selection Committee. Candidates shortlisted for this stage are invited to attend an interview with two members of the Selection Committee.
  4. Interview with the senior partner(s) of the candidate’s prospective Practice Area.
  5. Offer letter, specifying the candidate's position, expected enrolment date and remuneration package.


Induction programme

New professionals gradually become acquainted with the Firm via Roca Junyent's intensive induction programme.



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