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Your professional career at Roca Junyent

Human capital constitutes Roca Junyent’s key and most-valued asset. It is the Firm's strategic priority to cater for the needs of its members in terms of professional advancement.  

From day one each and every professional joining the Firm is given the chance to follow a clear path that will guide his/her progress within the Firm. Roca Junyent's career plan enables our fee earners to grow professionally and personally, as they get to grips with new concepts, competencies and skills.

Roca Junyent's career plan is divided into different stages as follows:

  • Junior Assistant (from day one to year four). During their first year, Roca Junyent professionals work in two different Practice Areas. This is the key stage in the process of learning the ins and outs of the legal profession, as professionals go to acquire and build upon such concepts as dedication, professional ethics, teamwork and integration into the Roca Junyent culture. With appropriate support and guidance, Junior Assistants get deeper and deeper in their study of the matters at hand attaining a significant level of autonomy by the time they successfully complete this stage. Junior Assistants also start to generate clients' trust and loyalty.
  • Senior Assistant (5th to 8th years). On top of the skills and competencies gained in the previous stage, Senior Assistants learn how to oversee the work of Junior Assistants. The also take an active role in tasks related to the Firm's internal organisation and in Firm events. Senior Assistants are able to generate new instructions, whilst building and maintaining a smooth relationship with clients.
  • Junior Associate (10th to 11th years). In addition to the knowledge gained in previous stages, Junior Associates take up responsibilities related to the organisation, training, supervision and assessment of the work done by Assistants. Junior Associates also attend Area Committees and become fully involved in Firm promotional events. They are in a position to produce new instructions from current clients and bring new ones to the Firm.
  • Senior Associate (from year 12). In addition to the above, Senior Associates take up the responsibilities of Partners in case of absence. Senior Associates are expected to have attained the maximum level of professional competency and be in a position to generate substantial turnover. This is also the stage where essential business vision and strategic implementation skills are gained.
  • Partner. This stage entails the culmination of a professional's career at Roca Junyent.

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