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Your continued professional development at Roca Junyent

Our professionals are the Firm's most important asset. Their continued professional development (CPD) is, therefore, one of the Firm's key strategic values. Via our CPD programmes, fee earners are able to maximise their technical capacities and competencies, both personal and professional, whilst encouraging the growth of each and every individual's talents.

The fast-paced changes of our social and economic environment (resulting in an intense legislative activity) mean there is an intense need to foster the CPD of our professionals in order to maintain the Firm's high standards of professional excellence.

Roca Junyent's major CPD programmes include the following:

  • Postgraduate in Business Law. Administered by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC) in partnership with Roca Junyent, this is a primarily practical programme designed for and addressed to first-year professionals. Students receive key training in matters relevant to each of the Firm's practice areas. On successful completion of the programme, candidates receive the appropriate diploma issued by the UOC.
  • Practice Area Specific Legal Training Programme. Each Practice Area arranges in-house and external sessions related to the most remarkable statutory and case law developments relevant to their area of expertise.
  • Roca Junyent General Training Programme. Roca Junyent regularly invites leading authorities in the legal and financial worlds as well as Firm partners to give talks on key current affairs matters. This programme is addressed to all of the Firm's professionals.
  • Language Programme. This programme is designed to provide training in the languages relevant to the jurisdictions in which the Firm operates.
  • Personal and Managerial Skills Development Programme: This programme includes training in such skills as team management, business development, high-impact presentations, effective communication and inter-personal relations.
  • External training programmes at leading teaching/professional institutions. Our professionals regularly take part in external training programmes.

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