Manuel J.
Silva Sánchez

Manuel J.  Silva Sánchez

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Manuel is state prosecutor •on special leave of absence• and member of the Consejo de Estado (Spanish State Council). Between 1986 and 1990, he was head of State Legal Services in Barcelona, before his career as a lawyer got under way in 1992. He was representative in the Spanish Congress (1995•2004) and, as such, helped to draft the following Acts and laws, among others: Insolvency Act, law governing procurement processes in the water, energy, transportation and telecommunications sectors, Civil Procedure Act, Trademarks Act, Industrial Design Legal Protection Act, and the Arbitration Act. During his time as Congress representative, he was member of the justice, home office, and science and technology committees, among others. He also sat on the subcommittees charged with monitoring the privatisation and conversion of public sector companies and energy infrastructures. His work focuses on restructurings and negotiations and on carrying out investments, divestments and joint ventures in the infrastructures sector, as well as privatisation processes. He has enormous experience in regulated sectors of the economy (water, transportation and energy, among others), corporate law, public procurement and private contracts, procedural law and litigation, and arbitration. He advises listed and non•listed companies, foreign firms, family businesses (family shareholder agreements), concessionaire and quasi•public companies, and public enterprises and bodies on a whole range of different areas.

Catalan, Spanish and English.

•         Barcelona Bar Association.

•         State prosecutor.

•         Elective member of the Consejo del Estado.

•         Arbitrator attached to the Corte Civil y Mercantil de Arbitraje (CIMA).

•         Member of the Public Procurement Court of Arbitration.

•         Member of Observatori de Dret Privat de Catalunya.

•         Degree in law with honours, including special “La Ley” best student award on graduation, 1982.