Forelab appoints Àlex Santacana as Executive Committee member

Press notes

Press notes

Forelab appoints Àlex Santacana as Executive Committee member

26 November, 2014

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Àlex Santacana i Folgueroles

The lawyer, a partner in the Employment area of Roca Junyent, is an expert in the field for both national and international companies.

The Extraordinary Meeting of Members of the Spanish Labour Forum (Forelab) partially renewed its Executive Committee, to include Àlex Santacana i Folgueroles, a partner in the Roca Junyent Employment law area, as a new member.

Santacana has extensive experience in consulting on social security and employment law for national and multinational businesses in various production sectors (financial institutions, automotive services, pharmaceutical and chemical companies and commercial sector companies) that are in the process of restructuring, collective bargaining and all kinds of legal processes. Likewise, he is an expert consultant in issues regarding contracts, compensation and benefits, Social Security, due diligence and integration processes. In addition, Santacana, who joined Roca Junyent as a partner in March 2013, has extensive experience in consulting for qualified managers and employees.

Forelab is an independent association, formed of leading lawyers and jurists in the field of Employment Law, which represents Spanish employment lawyers, providing a meeting place which allows them to exchange professional experiences, as well as analyse the development of employment relations in Spain.

The president of Roca Junyent, Miquel Roca, applauds the appointment of Àlex Santacana as a member of the Forelab Executive Committee and underscores “his work in the employment area of business consulting, an area of great strength and growth for the firm”. Roca also stressed the importance and the work of Forelab, an essential point of reference for the most reputed employment law professionals in the country and as a centre of analysis for employment relations in Spain.

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