In particular, the Employment team deals with the following matters :


“A dedicated team of professionals specifically designed to assist Employers in their employment Law issues. We deliver relevant advice and monitor the application of decisions made.”

Contracts of employment

  • We draw up all sorts of contracts of employment, in light of the needs, operation and structure of every company, and focusing particularly on exclusivity, non•competition and non•disclosure covenants.
  • Relocation, reassignment of duties and other substantial alterations to the terms of employment.
  • Working hours, holidays, and disciplinary actions against employees.
  • Termination of contracts of employment prompted by the employer, appearing before the industrial tribunals if necessary.
  • Preparation and termination of contracts of employment for senior executives. We analyse, from a variety of angles, every conceivable clause, including so•called “golden parachute” and non•competition clauses, ensuring that these are in conformity with the needs of the company, with statutory provisions and the market environment.
  • Contracts of employment for foreign workers.

Human Resources

  • Advice on and design of remuneration packages, stock option plans pension schemes and additional benefits.  Advice on and preparation of conduct policies and protocols.
  • Health and safety issues.

Collective Agreements

  • Advice on company•level agreements.
  • Advice on complex restructuring, reorganisation, and partial/total closures involving LFAPs; pre•retirements, income schemes and relocations. We design social and contingency plans in the context of a LFAP.
  • We assist companies all the way through the legal procedure leading to the implementation of substantial amendments to the terms of employment at company level.
  • Assistance in strikes and other industrial disputes.
  • We represent companies in their relations with trade unions.
  • Assistance in lockouts.

Corporate reorganisations and outsourcing

  • Labour and Social Security audits.
  • Transfer of enterprises.
  • Outsourcing and subcontracting.

Arbitration and industrial litigation

We represent clients in and out of court:

  • We handle arbitration and other ADR methods.
  • We provide legal assistance in dismissals.
  • We represent companies in individual disputes maintained with individual employees, both during and after their contract of employment.
  • Collective industrial disputes with employees or trade unions.
  • Supplication and cassation appeals.
  • Appeals for legal protection before the Constitutional Court.

Administrative proceedings and applications for judicial review

  • We assist clients in their dealings with the Labour Inspectorate.
  • Disciplinary procedures.
  • Occupational accidents.
  • Settlement of Social Security debts.
  • Applications for judicial review.

Social Security and Occupational Schemes

  • Allowances and rebates.
  • Advice on the most suitable Social Security regime applicable to the company, depending on the circumstances.
  • Advice on Social Security contributions.
  • Handling of administrative appeals and applications for judicial review in matters related to review/sanctioning procedures instigated by the Labour Inspectorate.
  • Drawing up of occupational pension schemes.
  • Amendment of pension commitments at company level.

Legal assistance in claims resulting from employment benefits