In particular, the Environment team deals with the following matters :


Environmental Law is one of the most important fields in Administrative Law where the influence of EU legislation is more obvious. The adequate running of a company is inextricably linked to getting proper, comprehensive legal advice on environmental matters.

Our Environmental Law Practice is made up of specialists in all areas related to Environmental Law: environmental liability, administrative authorisations, assessment of environmental impact and review and management of environmental conflicts.

We work for private individuals, companies and associations, as well as public agencies. We rely on the assistance of non•legal professionals (e.g. engineers) specifically trained in matters related to the environment, enabling us to deliver a comprehensive advice.

We appear in administrative procedures on behalf of administrations, private businesses, individuals and communities. As part of our work we also produce legal reports on Environmental Law.

In particular, our Environmental Law Practice covers the following areas:

  • Defence in sanctioning procedures, both in court and administratively.
  • We file applications for environmental authorisations and permits and notices of business activities, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • We advise on cases of environmental liability, particularly in the context of administrative procedures related to pollution and acoustic emissions.
  • We assist in air quality issues.
  • We represent clients in the course of official waste handling inspections.
  • We file requests for permission to use watercourses on a private basis. Sanitation of wastewater.
  • We assist throughout the application process of a variety of administrative permits.
  • We conduct environmental impact evaluations.
  • We assist in environmental due diligence reviews.
  • We review and manage environmental disputes.