In particular, the French Desk team deals with the following matters :

French Desk

“The team is really client•oriented; the lawyers are timely and proactive” and “particularly good at maintaining close relationships with clients and reconciling different positions among parties in negotiations.”

The French Desk is made up of a team of lawyers, coordinated by Francesc A. Baygual, who are experts in various practice areas and hold a deep understanding of the French language, mindset and culture.

The lawyers at the French Desk, some of whom are French•born, maintain an established, successful collaboration with France and Francophone countries, underpinned not only on the close links kept by the Firm with the French Chambers of Commerce in Madrid and Barcelona but, above all, on years of successful relations with a substantial French client base requiring comprehensive legal advice in Spain.

The interests of our Francophone clients’ in Spain (largely French corporations) are dutifully taken care of by the team of experts ascribed to the Firm’s French Desk, who are able to deliver effective, pro•active advice, providing clients with practical and immediate answers to their queries related to the Spanish legal and business environments, particularly in tax, contractual and corporate issues.

Roca Junyent’s French Desk can assist Spanish clients in the process of getting established in Francophone markets. Backed by a complete network of correspondent law offices in France, we can guide clients through their expansion process, which is often brought about by acquiring a local business, setting up representation offices or otherwise through more ‘informal’ methods (e.g. via agency, distribution or joint venture agreements with local undertakings). Our extensive experience combined with our collaboration with the leading law offices in all relevant Francophone jurisdictions ensure the success of any international deals Roca Junyent clients wish to embark themselves upon.