In particular, the Italian Desk team deals with the following matters :

Italian Desk

Our Italian Desk is made up of a group of attorneys, coordinated by Fede Segura, with different specialities and areas, and who have knowledge of Italian language, idiosyncrasies and culture.

The Italian Desk professionals have a close, lasting and continuous relationship with Italy that is established through the existing connections between our law firm and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona, but above all, through our extensive experience, which has enabled us to maintain the trust of our Italian customers who we guarantee complete and specialised legal advisory services in Spain.

We fully ensure that the interests our Italian customers, mainly groups of Italian entrepreneurs, have in Spain will be defended by the group of professionals at our Italian Desk, who constantly provide fast and proactive service, and offer a practical and immediate response for all questions regarding the Spanish legal and business system, especially with regard to tax, contractual and corporate matters, but without overlooking the most characteristic or common point of view of the Italian customer.

In addition, the Roca Junyent Italian Desk offers our Spanish customers the possibility of support when they endeavour to take their business initiatives to the Italian market. Backed by our colleagues in Italy, we guide and advise customers throughout the entire transaction, which customarily entails the purchase and sale of local businesses, the incorporation of subsidiaries or representation offices, and even other transactions with a lesser degree of integration (for example, agency or product distribution agreements, joint venture agreements with local companies and other arrangements). Our extensive experience, together with the collaboration of the highly skilled law firms in Italy, ensures the success of any international transaction undertaken by Roca Junyent customers.