Mediation and
Conflict Resolution

In particular, the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Department deals with the following matters: :

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

The Firm is fully committed to those mechanisms which encourage the peaceful resolution of conflicts as an alternative to contentious proceedings.

Accordingly, its staff comprises professionals with experience in mediation of a civil, commercial or organisational nature, as well as health, school, work and family matters.

The Mediation Department advises on all aspects and phases of the mediation process, specifically:

  • Drafting of contractual clauses regarding submission to mediation.
  • Acting as mediators (i) ad hoc, (ii) appointed by the Mediation Centre of the Bar Association of Barcelona (CEMICAB) or (iii) appointed by the Private Law Mediation Centre of Catalonia.
  • Acting as legal counsel in all forms of mediation proceedings.