Criminal Law –
Corporate Compliance

In particular, the Corporate Compliance team deals with the following matters :

Criminal Law - Corporate Compliance

Our Corporate Compliance services are the result of our collaboration with the law firm Molins & Silva, specialising in corporate defence. We wish to offer our clients an optimal solution for the prevention and detection of legal risk.

The criminal liability of legal persons is regulated in Law 05/2010. The Project for the Reform of the Criminal Code in this Law includes a considerable development of this concept, leading an increasing number of companies to implement Corporate Compliance systems.

The success of a compliance system is not only dependent on the prevention of criminal risk, but on an integrated preventive approach which also includes administrative•disciplinary and reputational risks that might affect the business areas of the company. Such risks may concern:

  • Data Protection
  • Prevention of Money Laundering
  • Competition Law
  • Taxation and financial aspects
  • Food products
  • Intellectual property
  • Etc.

At Roca Junyent we aim to support our clients and guarantee optimal management of corporate legal risk, providing advice as required, which is both applicable to business practice and affordable. The high level of specialisation of the professionals in Roca Junyent enables teams to be built in line with the needs of each of our clients.

We advise our clients from the implementation process of a Corporate Compliance system to the management of incidents, representing their interests in court.