Roca Junyent

A firm’s most valuable asset lies in the trust of its clients, and trust is earned only through excellence, availability and, of course, sensitivity. The Law is a safeguard and, as such, it imposes upon us a duty to serve it with honesty and professionalism. Freedom, a pillar of legal certainty, is at stake.

Miquel Roca Junyent

Established in 1996, Roca Junyent currently employs over 230 professionals* working from offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Lleida, Girona and Shanghai.

Roca Junyent’s rapid expansion and involvement in major transnational deals have resulted in the Firm being well positioned and acknowledged as one of the best law firms in the European legal market. In recognition of this the Firm, and many of its fee earners, have been singled out by the most prestigious legal publications, including Chambers, Legal 500, and Best Lawyer International.

Roca Junyent delivers advice across the whole spectrum of legal areas, particularly in Business Law. We are totally committed to our clients and aim at delivering the kind of service that can only be rated as excellent.

Roca Junyent has established solid, permanent collaboration relationships with top-tier law firms in Europe and in the rest of the world. In 2006 the Firm joined the international network TerraLex, allowing it to rely on the assistance of top-notch legal Firms worldwide in order to offer clients a truly global service. In 2002 Roca Junyent became the first Spanish law firm to set up shop in China by opening up its Shanghai office. This was intended to fill up a perceived gap in the offer of legal services targeted at Spanish businesses in China and to address more effectively our clients’ needs in terms of legal advice.

Roca Junyent strives to achieve the highest standards of service professionalism, quality and efficiency. On this premise we are fully committed to the interests of our clients, who receive advice tailored to their needs. Their affairs are managed by at least one of the Firm’s partners, who supervises and coordinates the team of professionals in charge of the matter at hand.

Our Firm aims to fill up a perceived shortage of law firms equipped to meet the current demands of businesses, which in Spain have often been partially served by foreign law firms. Our legal advice is blended with a full understanding of the particular problems and circumstances that businesses face in their local area of activity.

We believe that there is much more to the work of a lawyer than mere problem-solving. A lawyer should be able to deliver services that allow clients to plan ahead of events and conduct their business with a guarantee of legal certainty, effectiveness, and profitability. To meet this goal we monitor legislative changes and track pre-legislative procedures in those areas bearing on the industries relevant to each and every client.

In order to adequately cater to the needs of our clients, we pay particular attention to the continued professional development of our professionals. Teamwork and knowledge management are crucial in our day-to-day work. The Firm’s Practice Areas are not self-contained units. Instead, they are closely interlocked, thus paving the ground for an environment where permanent teamwork is encouraged. This allows our fee earners to gain a broad picture of the whole set of issues likely to be raised by clients.

Roca Junyent´s core values are: service excellence, proximity with the client, respect for our peers, and respect for the strictest rules of professional conduct.