In particular, the Real Estate team deals with the following matters :

Real Estate and Construction

The Real Estate and Construction Law Area advises companies and private individuals on a variety of transactions involving land, commercial and office premises, housing complexes, industrial facilities, retail parks, tourist resorts, cultural and sports centres, and hotels.

Our work encompases  the entire process leading up to the implementation of real estate transactions: enquiries with the land registry, planning and administrative reviews, drafting of preparatory and confirmatory agreements (earnest money contracts, purchase options, promises…) and overview of their legalisation, ensuring that administrative and industry•specific regulations are strictly adhered to.

We design and implement the legal structure that best suits every type of transaction: sale•purchase, surface rights, administrative concessions, sale & lease back, delegated development, project management and implementation, works projection and supervision, etc.

We deliver specialised legal advice on real estate law as part of due diligence processes related to the transfer of businesses with real property assets, insolvency processes, repossessions by financial institutions, debt refinancing, etc.

We are also experts in rights in rem, horizontal property (i.e. communities of residents) and leaseholds.